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Modulo Architects surprise Noah’s Ark Belgium with a welcome support.

At the occasion of its’ 25th birthday Modulo Architects surprise Noah’s Ark Belgium with a welcome support.

In a couple of decades Modulo Architects grew to become a reliable and creative partner in designing building projects in which wellbeing, functional efficiency and modern aesthetics deliver harmony and added value.

Modulo’s strong expertise in state of the art and highly technical healthcare and scientific research projects is a thankful bridge to Noah’s Arks’ commitment: “ Offer the best start in life to new-borns in intensive care”.

With scientific labs, intensive care wards, bio-incubators, clinical cleanrooms … to complete buildings dedicated to healthcare in the Modulo portfolio one can easily imagine their involvement in shaping the future of neonatal care.

Olivier Barré, senior partner explains: “This is where Noah’s Ark Belgium's activities cross our paths. Since UNICEF and WHO launched the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative to encourage health facilities worldwide to better support breastfeeding, most Belgian hospitals have started efforts to achieve certification. Koala or Kangaroo mother care units, Milk kitchens and Banks are amongst the redesign projects aiming to increase the involvement of the parents in the wellbeing of their new-borns. In partnering with Noah’s Ark Belgium, Modulo Architects will gain useful insights in the needs and demands of parents and new-borns.”

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